The chicken in the shoe

Jaleo Las Vegas is a fancy tapas place. One of those places that doesn’t have a chef, but instead a ‘culinary mastermind’, Jose Andres.

Well, this ‘mastermind’ can’t be all that smart, for it appears the lunatics have taken over his asylum.

I dare you to visit and order the Croquetas de pollo. The waiter will smoosh them to you in a shoe. A SHOE. Now, according to this very earnest gentleman, it is no ordinary shoe, but a Spanish design classic no less- a Camper. He also went on to explain how Camper are the Nike of Spain. The Nike of Spain! I beg to differ my good man. Camper was set up by a group of young entrepreneurs as a people-focused family business, and their shoes are enjoyed by Guardian-reading sensitive types the world over. Nike make trainers. Camper shoes will get you into a nightclub, or book club. More often than not, Nike’s won’t.

But I digress, the main problem is my dinner is in a shoe.

There is a secondary problem too tho. What was previously described on the menu as traditional chicken fritters appears to be Findus Crispy Pancakes. While there is nothing wrong with the nostalgic joy of Findus, I don’t want to see it in a restaurant. For $10. In a shoe.

On 6 January 2009, 450,000 Crispy Pancakes were destroyed in a fire at Findus’ plant in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. That was incredibly sad, like what is being done with them in Jaleo, where you can have a wine accompaniment which apparently tastes like ‘wet stones’.

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