Maureen Lipman Needs A Slap

A drive to work with Radio 2 is generally a relaxing affair. On the 2 mile journey to the office on Friday, it however ended up filling me with rage, and all due to the pathetic ramblings of Daily Mail, middle England favourite, Maureen Lipman. She’s so polite and bland, how could anyone be offended by Maureen Lipman? Well I was. The main theme of her musings were that there is no beauty in the art of contemporary culture. What a crock.

Fair enough, appreciation of art is surely a matter of taste, but Maureen, surely being (allegedly) a creative person yourself, you can appreciate the intent involved in the creation of any piece of art…? You may not like Bacon or Banksy, but surely the intent is to be applauded?

Tell you what Maureen, if Emin and Hirst offend you, why not take it to the streets? The streets are where it’s at. Not only do street artists give voice to the underground of society, they create beautiful glimpses of light in areas unloved or abandoned, whether these be crap housing estates, Brazilian favelas (see ) or in the heart of a random viewer.

Following the riots in London last week, a @riotcleanup group grew through twitter to help communities clean up in the aftermath.  Do you know who started this Maureen? An artist. Not Turner or Constable (obviously, as they are dead) but a living and breathing modern artist. Local artists have responded to the events by making work where the proceeds are going to help young people and communities affected. The works may not look like poppy fields Maureen, but surely you see some beauty in their creator’s actions?

Maureen went on to have a go at ‘tuneless ugly rap music’ and an entire decade (the 1960’s). It was then followed by the hot (???) new (hardly) tune by Status Quo.

I needed a coffee.

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