Cheer up Charlie

#Rubbishmirror, #thelovehasgone

Cheer up CharlieI have fallen out of love with Charlie Brooker.

I used to love him big style. I embraced his dry wit and pictured myself pulling at his wonderfully shabby hair in passion, cuddling into his student’s tweeds, but now the love has gone. I now realise he was probably that kid at school who was a total smart arse who tried too hard.

It looks like I am alone however, as his star is in the ascendance following the showing of his latest smug dark musings, Black Mirror. He is now a media darling, the social networking portals glistening with his praise, networks that he slagged off in his first episode, networks he used for his own shameless self publicity in the first place, the cad.

Yes, the first episode did make me squirm. Not in a ‘oh my goodness, what does this social commentary say about where technology is taking us and modern life’, but more in a ‘eughhh Konnie Huk and him laughing about pig sex and thinking they are really cool’ way. I am really not down with the kids. Kids who haven’t seen The Day Today anyway.

Maybe that’s where the problem I have with him lies – he isn’t Armando Iannucci. Then again, in a totally low brow way, he isn’t Harry Hill either. Brooker’s series of Screen and New Wipes, although funny, are filled with spiritless negativity. Give him a couple of E’s and shave his head, and you get Harry Hill’s TV Burp, not a bad thing.

You never get the feeling from Armando that he craves your acceptance. After finishing what no doubt will be a fabulous American translation of The Thick Of It, VEEP, was he posting on Twitter about all the wonderful writing he had slaved over? No, he was posting (pretty poorly framed to be fair) pictures of the back of someones leg and a bit of a table.

The final episode, The Entire History of You is being shown on Sunday night. It might be awesome. I won’t know. There might be a Marple on Sky somewhere. I might have seen it before, but then again with Brooker’s offering, I’ll know I have.

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